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Welcome to Slavsky Insurance – One Stop Shop Insurance Agency!

At Slavsky Insurance, our main goal is to help you save money on your insurance while providing the coverage you need.

We offer Auto, Home, Business, Health, Life insurance and many other insurance products such as motorcycle, boat insurance and annuities.

We are different from most insurance companies you see on TV.

Here are some examples how we could be much more helpful and flexible to our customers:

Slavsky Insurance represents over 50 different insurance companies among which we shop to find our clients best rates for insurance coverage they are looking for. So, you can get on the phone and spend a week calling different insurance companies and fill out their forms online or you can call us and we will get instant rates from multiple insurance companies in matter of minutes. What would you rather do?

Any kind of insurance all in one place: Most insurance companies can help you with one or two lines / types of insurance while Slavsky Insurance can help you with almost all lines of insurance, meaning some insurance companies offer only auto insurance or only home insurance or only life insurance or auto and home insurance but not health insurance or business insurance. We offer all of it. By representing over 50 different insurance companies we are able to get you any type of policy you need, so you don’t have to have your insurance policies all over the place – We can handle it all for you at one place – right here at Slavsky Insurance.

We check your insurance rates at renewals as well to make sure you never over pay for your insurance policy. Direct insurance companies usually can not do that because most of them have one rate for you,- theirs. Imagine you found your insurance company that gave you the best insurance rate today and during your policy period things changed: you moved, got a moving violation(s) or some of them dropped off, got into a car accident, added a young driver to insurance policy or your insurance company simply increased their rates, etc. – All that may effect your rate with your current insurance company: sometimes to your advantage but often in your disadvantage. So, your rate went up. What are you going to do next? Shop again? How fun…; Pull out your wallet and pay higher insurance premium? Either way, you might be losing time and/or money and we all know that time is money too. That all could be avoided when you are insured with Slavsky Insurance because we will continue managing your insurance policies and re-shop them as needed to make sure you never over pay for your insurance ever again and to make sure that you don’t waste your time shopping for your insurance policy again because we both know you would rather spend your time else where and not in front of a computer filling out long forms or on the phone answering tons of questions to get insurance rates that may not even be accurate. Been there?

Dedicated personal insurance agents. Do you enjoy having one person or a small group of people that know your insurance needs precisely and therefore they always deliver exactly what you need quickly and efficiently? Ever had a personal banker? If yes, you should know the different between calling your personal banker who knows you and understands you and any request you have gets done with simple phone call vs calling 800 number and speaking to someone random who has no clue who you are, what your preferences and needs are; Do you feel like you are just another number, another customer in the queue of a call center when you call 800 phone number for customer support when you need to make a change on your insurance policy? How knowledgeable and experienced these people in call centers are?  Do you switch your tax adviser or CPA every year or you prefer to work with the same person who’s got your back?

Price: Speaking of the price, we all care so much about it that we often forget to ask why are we buying insurance policies in first place. Do we buy it because its part of our lives? Because everyone else is buying it? Because someone tells you that you must have it or because you want to protect your present and future assets and your lifestyle? So, if you want the cheapest insurance – we got it; If you want great coverage – we got it; If you want good coverage at the best price – you might have just found a company that’s all about that: Slavsky Insurance.

Allow us to save you time and money on any insurance policies you may need. Just tell us what you need and we will do all the work for you.

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Types of insurance policies we can help you with:

  • Auto Insurance
  • Home Insurance | Condo Insurance | Renters Insurance | Investment Properties Insurance
  • Business Insurance | General Liability | Property Insurance | Workers Compensation and many other types
  • Motorcycle Insurance | RV Insurance | Boat Insurance and Insurance for any other toys you may own
  • Life Insurance | Term Life | Whole Life | Universal Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance | Individual or Group Health Insurance

We will save you time and money!

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