Boat Insurance

Boat is one of those things that has different meaning for different people. For some it is associated with “fun in the sun”, relaxing weekend with friends and family, living a dream. For others – it’s their work, their life.

Like a car, it comes with a lot of work, maintenance and care. Do not ignore insurance either. Surprisingly, there are quite a few risks you need to be aware of, such as sinking, fire, storms, collision, explosion, vandalism and theft.

That is why it is very important to set up a proper policy to cover: – Your boat and its equipment (motors, anchors, extra fuel tanks, tools, oars and more); – Bodily injury, property damage and protect you against lawsuits and legal judgments; – Medical payments for you, your passengers and others, who may get injured in a boat accident; – needed repairs in order to prevent further damage; – Emergency service to your boat or motor.

Call us, if you are planning to cover your new “toy”, we will be honored to help you get the right policy for a reasonable price. We always encourage our clients to ask us questions in order to understand their insurance better. So, go ahead, find out about exclusions, exceptions and discounts in your area; know what is covered and what needs your attention.

For questions, information or purchase boat insurance please call 1(888) SLAVSKY.