Business Insurance

Everybody has dreams. But only few of us are going after them.

It took a lot of courage, strength and determination to build your business. Now you need to protect business.

At Slavsky insurance, highly trained professionals are there to help you identify different property, liability, employee and auto risks and determine how to protect yourself, using the right coverage.

We can help different types of businesses:

from Restaurants to Coffee shops

from IT and Software Engineers to Hardware Manufacturing companies;

from Auto Service Centers to Gas Stations;

Whatever business you are in, Slavsky Insurance can help you find business insurance coverage you are looking for.

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Home based business insurance

Being self-employed makes you the boss of your time, money and life. Maybe, you are running a doggy day care or giving guitar lessons from home. Maybe you keep your snow blowers and lawn mowers (that you use to take care of your rental properties) in your garage.

There are a lot of risks that may turn a dream of having a business into a nightmare of loosing it all. There are a lot of things, like furniture or equipment (such as fax-machine, telephone) that is used for home business; valuable papers that are kept in home safe; even a car with a business name sticker needs to be protected. In case of any accident Homeowners or Auto insurance may, actually, deny your entire claim because your vehicle or residence were used for business matters. That’s why you need Business insurance.

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