RV Insurance

Our everyday life is so hectic and stressful, that we simply must take at least a few days off to relax, unwind and “recharge our batteries”. To have your RV insured allows you to travel or camp without any worries.

There are two ways to cover your recreational vehicle:
1) It is possible to add your house- or camping-trailer to your Car insurance policy. You will also have to add Special Perils contents coverage to your Homeowners policy to protect the belongings in your trailer in case of damage from collision or overturn.
2) Since RV is more than just a car and for less confusion, there is a special RV insurance coverage. This way you have your standard:
– Property damage and bodily injury liability;
– Collision;
– Comprehensive;
– Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage;
– Medical payments coverage;
– Road assistance.
As well as:
– Emergency expense, which pays for temporary living and transportation in case your RV is being repaired, due to an accident;
– replacement cost personal effect, which pays for lost or damaged RV contents, such as cloths, laptops and more;
– Your trailer, when being used as a vacation residence or a cabin.

SLAVSKY insurance works with a number of companies. It means you have a great variety to choose from. Since policies differ from one insurance provider to the next one, our well qualified agents can help you customize the policy that will meet your specific needs and financial possibilities.

For more information on RV insurance, please call 1(888) SLAVSKY