SR-22 Insurance

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What is SR-22 insurance filing? who needs it? why you need it, how long you need it for and where to get such filing?

These are most common questions we get from our customers.

SR22 insurance aka SR22 filing aka SR22 bond aka SR22 form is special document or electronic filing issued by insurance companies notifying your state or DMV that you have at least minimum auto insurance liability coverage required by your state. It could be issued on its own – non owner SR22 form – or along with or attached to your auto insurance – auto insurance SR22 form. Not every insurance company will accept drivers that will require such filing and your overall auto insurance rates may get expensive with many major insurance companies not only due to the fact that you require DMV SR22 filing but also due to your overall driving record. Your driving record is what usually drives your auto insurance rates high in price.

SR22 insurance is usually needed by high risk drivers. It is often requested by your state if you were caught driving without insurance or if you were involved in a car accident and didn’t have a valid insurance policy or if you have excessive amount of moving violations. Most often this filing will be required by anyone who was caught operating motor vehicle while under influence of alcohol (DUI). Every state is different about their SR-22 requirements, so just because you were driving without proof of financial responsibility aka insurance policy does not necessarily mean that you will be required to have your SR22 insurance filing. If you will be needing SR-22 filing, your state or Department of Motor Vehicles will certainly notify you.

Your state should also notify you for how long you will need it and it should also notify you about the date when you will be eligible for dmv SR-22 filing and until what date you have to maintain it. Usually it is required for 3 years in California and many other states but it can change any time.

If you happen to cancel your SR22 insurance policy for any reasons, insurance company will notify your state that the filing is cancelled and your already restricted drivers license gets automatically suspended effective the date of cancellation of that SR22 insurance policy. Keep in mind: just because it takes time for insurance company to notify DMV and it also takes time for your state to process that cancellation and notify you does not mean that you have your drivers license active until you actually receive unpleasant letter from DMV telling you that your license is suspended. Remember that often, if not always, your license gets suspended the same day your SR-22 insurance policy get cancelled regardless how long it takes for a state agency to notify you.

So, the fact that you need SR-22 filing is usually a bad news because most insurance companies may not offer you competitive rates; therefore, you may need to look for a specialty insurance companies to make sure you can get your filing at affordable price.

The good news is that Slavsky Insurance can help you get either non-owner SR22 insurance policy or SR22 form along with providing you proper auto insurance you need. We can issue stand along SR-22 filing or combined with auto insurance. Simply saying, if you need SR22, Slavsky Insurance is your best choice. We will find you right insurance company that offers very competitive SR22 insurance policy. We offer instant filings electronically as required by state of California. Electronic filing is required by most of the states now.

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