Business Owners Insurance

Business Owners aka BOP Insurance is a must policy for every business. This type of policy is designed mainly for most of our small businesses. BOP insurance policy is designed for restaurants and coffee shops; for book stores and grocery stores; for IT consultants and mortgage brokers;

Most businesses need this type of policy as their main insurance policy. Generally BusinessOwners Insurance policy consists of two main coverage types: Commercial General Liability coverage and Business Personal Property coverage. There are other types of coverage come with the policy. Many insurance companies specialize in insuring certain types of businesses and; therefore, they specifically adjust their BOP insurance policies to better meet that specific type of business. For instance, if you own a restaurant you might be better off purchasing your Business Insurance policy from insurance company that already offers comprehensive BOP insurance policy that is designed specifically to protect restaurants and their specific liability exposure. Those types of policies may already come with important coverage for restaurants such as liquor liability and spoilage coverage; whereas, IT consultants care less about liquor liability coverage and more concern about tech E&O instead.

Its very important to have experienced insurance broker to customize businessowners insurance coverage for you. There is no fit-it-all Business policy and if you are just trying to get the cheapest possible BOP insurance you may easily end up with insurance policy that will have tons of gaps in coverage, which may cost you in a long run much more than you think.

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